Saturday, August 30, 2008

Transformers Orange iPod Speaker Prime, Alternity Convoy Pictures

Apparently there's a big show in Japan and there are new Transformers there! The C3X Hobby 2008 show is going on, and you can see pics of the new orange/red Convoy iPod speakers and the first full-color images of Alternity Convoy here, at TFW2005.

The silver Alternity Convoy doesn't really look like Optimus Prime at all, and early reports peg him at a "deluxe" size-- just a much higher price point. No word on a US release.

The burning flame version of the iPod speakers is pretty neat. It says "Excel Perfect Year 2008" on the side, which would make us think it's an elementary school reward, but it's probably not. Like the previous versions, it features a new head sculpt and is extremely unlikely to see a US release.